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An Indepth Look at the Tissot PR516 Chrono

An Indepth Look at the Tissot PR516 Chrono

We’re in an era where watch brands are digging through their archives to unearth designs lost to time and “reinventing the wheel.” Tissot is one of the first brands to come to mind when discussing successful vintage reissues via the Tissot PRX Quartz, PRX Automatic, and PRX Auto Chrono. However, the watch in question today isn’t in the PRX line and is a new take on a racing chronograph, the Tissot PR516 Quartz Chronograph–a watch based on the 1968 release of the PR516 Chronograph. While the original PR516 was released in 1968, it carried an aesthetic that would be a prominent design choice through the 1970s. 

The Tissot PR516 Quartz Chronograph tugs at the heartstrings of vintage watch and automobile enthusiasts, particularly those fond of the 1970s. This era was a pinnacle of watchmaking and the birth of some of the great road cars, race cars, and all things automotive. The PR516 was crafted to capture the essence of the 1970s adrenaline-fueled design, blending heritage with a modern-contemporary form factor, and Tissot has executed this vision flawlessly. 

With its sleek design and functionality, the PR516 is a watch any driver or watch enthusiast would love on their wrist. The stainless steel case measures 40mm in diameter, 47mm lug-to-lug and 12.5mm thick, implying a well-sized chronograph that will feel fantastic to wear daily. When paired with the 20mm stainless steel bracelet, you’re greeted with a stunning watch that will put a smile on your face bigger than hitting 160mph. 

Shifting our focus to the internals that bring the PR516 to life, the Swiss ETA G10.212 Powerdrive. The design of the movement allows for a comfortable 38 months of battery life, and the placement of the chronograph complications are a little closer together, creating a unique look compared to other chronographs. The chronograph complications include an EOL (Battery End of Life) Indicator, a central 60-second counter and a 30-minute and 1/10th second counter—plenty of functionality. 

The Tissot PR516 Quartz is available on our website in blue and black dial variations and a black dial two-tone stainless steel/gold. Feel free to check them out!