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Buying for Investment vs. Buying for Interest

Buying for Investment vs. Buying for Interest

Watch collecting can be a fun hobby, but for those already deep in the passion, you learn very quickly it can be expensive. In saying that, two categories of collectors have developed over time; the investor and the collector. Now, there are many different forms of collectors, but for this, we will focus on these two categories. 

We’re not saying that an investor isn’t also a collector. When we say investor, we mean the type of watch buyer that only buys pieces that will grow or make money over time, and that’s it. This person doesn’t buy for passion or interest but to make money on a watch purchase. The perfect example of a watch you can buy as an investment is consistently popular year after year; the Tissot PRX Powermatic 80 or the Hamiton Khaki Field “Murph” is a great example. While that is a viable option with some brands, we here at Canada Watch House are passionate about watches and encourage everyone to take their time to buy the watch they genuinely want. 

When buying for passion and the sake of collecting, you’ll get much more out of a watch than those looking to flip it for cash. Watches can represent a moment, memory or milestone, a time capsule we can wear on our wrists. Not to mention a watch can be passed down from generation to generation as long as it’s properly serviced and maintained.

When buying or selecting a watch, take the time to look through different options and zero in on what you want. In addition, when purchasing for passion or interest, ensure the watch matches your style and life. Take the time to think about what would suit you best. Are you a dressy person? Outdoorsy? Sporty? Think about how and where you would use your watch to get the best one. 

We’re not saying buying a watch as an investment piece is terrible. What collectors do with their timepieces is entirely up to them. However, we recommend that buyers genuinely love what they buy and invest their time and energy into making memories with their watches. Let us help you find your perfect watch and start making some memories to hand down.