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How to read a Pilot Watch

How to read a Pilot Watch

Wristwatches have been on the wrists of adventurers and explorers in many aspects for decades, and each design has its primary use as a tool watch. Diver, GMT, Chronograph, and Field watches all have their functionality and are well known. However, there is one style of watch that often confuses many due to its extremely busy bezel and dial: the pilot navigator watch. Today, we’ll be focusing on a favourite of ours: the Hamilton Khaki Aviation Converter Automatic GMT

At a glance, the overall design and aesthetic of the Khaki Aviation Converter Auto GMT look very similar to another brand known for making high-end pilot navigator watches. While there are aesthetic similarities to many watches in the pilot navigator category, it’s rare to find one that looks fantastic, wears excellent and doesn’t break the bank. 

The Khaki Aviation Converter Auto GMT has all the features for the perfect travel companion– a bi-directional slide-rule bezel that can convert units and currency. The most prominent feature is a GMT hand to track multiple timezones, an 80-hour power reserve, and a beautiful design to take you from the sky to the conference room easily. But that’s just the basics of what this watch is capable of. You’re probably wondering what the different units of measurement and numbers mean on the bezel insert. 

The inspiration for any pilot watch's functionality originated from using an E6B Flight Computer. Created by a US Navy officer in the 1930s, the E6B, also known as the “whiz wheel,” was used for pilots to calculate basic flight paths. The E6B could also be used to calculate an aircraft's distance, rate and time. Over time, brands would change their pilot navigator's design to accommodate the consumer, so we see different bezel and dial variations across other pilot navigator models. 

The Khaki Aviation Converter Auto GMT is a watch packed with features and a gorgeous design that will hold up to the test of time, the ever-changing watch industry, and the tastes of collectors and enthusiasts. Take to the sky with a fantastic travel companion on your wrist and check out the Khaki Aviation Converter Auto GMT in the metal through Canada Watch House.