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Our Top Picks for the Holidays!

Our Top Picks for the Holidays!

It’s the holiday season, and what better way to show appreciation to your loved ones than a beautiful timepiece! Are you having a tough time deciding? Let us give you a hand! We have many fantastic options from multiple brands, so here are our holiday top picks! 


#1 Seiko Prospex SPB121J “Alpinist” 

A top pick list is never complete without a Seiko; the “Alpinist” is always a collector favourite. With its clean and classic styling paired with 200m of water resistance, the Alpinist is a highly versatile watch that can be dressed up or down, perfect for any occasion. 


#2 Balmain “Be Balmain” B45913312 

The Balmain “Be Balmain” line is an excellent example of Swiss design. This treasure would make any holiday even better with its clean and elegant case, bracelet and dial aesthetic, moonphase complication, and so many hidden details. 

#3 Tissot PRX Digital 

One of the most incredible watches released, the Tissot PRX Digital is precisely what you’re thinking: a watch featuring the same case and integrated bracelet construction of the PRX, but with a digital display instead of analog. Available in 35mm and 40mm and multiple colour options, there’s something for everyone! 


#4 Mido Multifort TV Big Date 

You could wear a piece of Mido history via the Multifort TV Big Date. Mido returned to the 1970s to bring back this TV-shaped timepiece, a big part of their collection in the 70s (the initial release was in October of 1971.) With its combination of brushed and polished case finishing and beautiful bracelet design, there’s no question why this watch has been so popular since its resurrection and re-release in September.



#5 Hamilton Khaki Field Expedition 37mm and 41mm 

For decades, the Hamilton Khaki field line has been the gateway into Swiss luxury watches. Recently, Hamilton decided to create a watch built for all terrains and adventures, thus giving us the Hamilton Khaki Field Expedition. Available in 37mm and 41mm, the Khaki Field Expedition is excellent for those who love the outdoors or are looking for a work watch or a watch for daily use.

#6 Longines Dolcevita 

This elegant and classic watch from Longines is a favourite. With its rectangular case construction, red strap, off-white textured dial, and blued hands, a subtle array of colours perfectly contrasts. It is a fantastic choice for more formal settings. 

Thank you for taking the time to check out our picks! All the watches mentioned above are available through Canada Watch House, so feel free to browse and check out our other options this holiday season!