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Perfect Everyday and Budget-Friendly Watch

Perfect Everyday and Budget-Friendly Watch

Regarding budget-friendly watches, the first to come to mind is Hamilton and the Khaki Field. The Swiss-made watch has made waves in the collecting community for years due to its ruggedness, classic styling and craftsmanship for a fantastic price. Not only is it a collector's choice in many regards, but the Khaki Field also has an extensive history, with its origins dating back to WWI. 

While Hamilton is associated with Swiss watchmaking, the brand began in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. In 1914, Hamilton was listed as a military contractor, providing timepieces or “trench watches” to the United States Military during WWI. As makers of pocket watches, these trench watches would be Hamilton’s pivotal shift from a pocket watch to a wristwatch manufacturer. The original Hamilton trench watch would be the skeleton for what we know as modern field watches; a dial with large, highly legible numerals in any condition or lighting. 

In 1942, Hamilton became the official watch of the US Military, then ceased all retail production to focus on the war effort. The brand would provide over a million timekeeping and precision instruments, earning them the Army-Navy E award for excellence in production. Over the war effort, the Khaki Field would develop its iconic look further. Since, Hamilton has been a massive supplier for the US Military, providing watches for both the Korean and Vietnam wars. 

Fast forward to the present, the Khaki Field is one of the most iconic watches in horological history. While it is considered a budget-friendly entry into Swiss watchmaking, the Khaki Field is a fantastic tool watch, offering a highly legible dial and can be used as a true workhorse or daily wear. The Khaki Field is available in various case diameters, dial choices, movements (manual-wind, automatic) and various bracelet/strap options. The Khaki Field offers an 80-hour power reserve to ensure the watch will run after a couple of days of not being worn and is an excellent choice for those looking for an “everyday” watch. 

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