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PRX Gone Digital

PRX Gone Digital

It’s safe to say that the Tissot PRX, both Quartz and Powermatic variations, have become a collector favourite and are held in relatively high regard. The PRX is a perfect watch to break into Swiss-made timepieces that won’t break the bank and look much more expensive than its price tag dictates with its brushed finish and integrated bracelet. 

Bringing the 1978 PRX back to life in a modern-contemporary version was a fantastic call. It helped Tissot regain traction in the watch market, but recently, Tissot released a watch out of left field that could be one of my favourites so far: the Tissot PRX Digital

That’s right, Tissot has created a digital version of the iconic PRX. While digital isn’t a new step for Swatch Group, the Hamilton PSR being a perfect example, the new PRX digital takes the same bones and aesthetics of the standard PRX Quartz and Powermatic and replaces the display with a digital instead of analog. Two worlds collide with the PRX digital: the world of fine Swiss watchmaking and digital timekeeping, and with the PRX, it works. 

The PRX Digital implements the Tissot Digital Quartz Calibre 4012, which carries many features: dual time zones, day-date, chronograph functionalities and more! The Tissot PRX Digital is available in various colours in 35mm and 40mm case sizes, so there’s something for everyone! The PRX Digital is available in both 35mm and 40mm through Canada Watch House, so feel free to check them out!