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The history and filmography of the Hamilton Ventura

The history and filmography of the Hamilton Ventura

Surprisingly, one of the most gorgeous watches in the Hamilton line-up is rarely spoken of. The watch was designed in 1957 and showed authentic vintage and industrial design, which has stayed true to form since its original conception and production. Not only that, it played a crucial role in the film industry and has been a part of the uniform for a top-rated movie franchise. The watch in question is the Hamilton Ventura

Designed by Richard Arbib, the Ventura was a revolutionary timepiece upon its release in 1957 as it was the world’s first watch powered by a battery. While a significant feat, the Ventura would land in the spotlight with the great Elvis Presley, filming the 1961 classic Blue Hawaii. The Ventura was initially planned as a product placement between Hamilton and the producer of Blue Hawaii, Hal B. Wallis. Still, Mr. Presley loved the design and sported it while playing the role of ex-military soldier Chadwick Gates. 

Fast forward to 1997, and we see the Ventura on the silver screen again, but this time in a more secretive and undercover franchise, Men in Black. Since 1997, and first spotted on the wrist of Will Smith, the Hamilton Ventura has been a mandatory part of the Men in Black uniform due to its industrial and sci-fi aesthetic, blending perfectly with the high-tech aesthetic of the movies. In 2019, the Ventura would return to Men in Black with the newest film in the franchise, Men in Black International. 

The Ventura is a classic that has carried itself through the decades due to its connection to vintage watchmaking and film. From the world’s first battery-powered watch to the wrist of Elvis Presley to the wrist of our last line of defence who exist in the shadow and dress in black (that’s a quote from the first Men in Black movie), the Ventura has a long lineage of being a genuinely successful timepiece. The Ventura is available through Canada Watch House, so check it out for yourself, and get a piece of cinematic history.