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The New Hamilton Jazzmaster Performer Auto Chrono

The New Hamilton Jazzmaster Performer Auto Chrono

Hamilton has added a new chronograph to the popular Jazzmaster line, the Performer Automatic Chronograph. The Jazzmaster name derives from Hamilton’s American roots before making their move to Switzerland. Hamilton’s origin started in 1892 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and in that same period, Jazz was born– a musical genre created by a smattering of other genres put into one. The Jazzmaster line from Hamilton pulls inspiration from many places and combines them into some truly gorgeous watches. The new Performer Automatic Chronograph is a fantastic example. 

With motorsport’s rebirth in popularity over the last decade, brands have produced racing-styled chronographs ready to take on the track. The new Performer Automatic Chronograph is elegant, chic and beautifully designed. Hamilton has a past with racing-inspired timepieces if we look back on the Intramatic Chronograph. The Performer Automatic Chronograph is another gorgeous watch to add to the “racing” category and a great companion on and off the track, 

The Performer Automatic Chronograph features a 42mm stainless steel case that’s 15.5mm thick with a 22mm lug width. Available in 3 variations (black dial/leather strap, blue dial/leather strap and black dial/steel bracelet), the watch shares the aesthetics of the 70s with a modern twist and will speak to not just automotive and motorsport enthusiasts but collectors of all types. The Hamilton calibre H31 (based on the ETA 7753) brings the watch to life and offers up to 60 hours of power reserve. 

It’s safe to say that Hamilton releases excellent things within the Jazzmaster series, and the Performer Automatic Chronograph is proof.