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The NEW Mido Ocean Star Decompression World Timer

The NEW Mido Ocean Star Decompression World Timer

The trend of brands recreating models from their archives has grown exponentially, especially with the re-release of the bright and bold MIDO Ocean Star Decompression World Timer. It’s a dive watch, a GMT, and a revisit to a 1961 classic. The Ocean Star Decompression World Timer might look busy on the dial, but everything has a function, as it should. 

Calling the Ocean Star Decompression World Timer eye-catching is an understatement. While the aesthetics are a selling point on their own, the watch's functionality is the main feature. The decompression scale in the middle of the dial was a revolutionary addition when first released in the 1960s. It allowed scuba divers to track their decompression stops used to remove nitrogen gas that builds up in our blood at depth upon resurfacing. The scale is divided into different colours to represent different depths. 

With a 40.5mm case, the reissue is slightly larger than the 1960s Decompression World Timer but is a perfect size for daily wear. The watch houses many complications (24-hour GMT, world city bezel, rotating dive bezel, date and decompression scale) to create the ideal watch for any adventure. Not to mention 200m of water resistance. The MIDO Calibre 80.661 automatic movement brings the watch to life, capable of 80 hours of power reserve. With two colour variations (black and blue), the watch ships with a tropical rubber strap and a mesh bracelet featuring quick-release pins. 

If you’re looking for a watch to bring on your next adventure or for future endeavours, the Ocean Star Decompression World Timer is a great choice. Not the adventure type? Well, who doesn’t want a badass watch on their wrist? The Decompression World Timer is the perfect watch for any lifestyle and is available through Canada Watch House.