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Watch Styles And Design Purposes

Watch Styles And Design Purposes

When buying your first watch, looking at designs and specifications can be daunting and confusing. There are many styles to choose from and different functions for each. Today, we’ll do our best to give you a rundown of all types and designs of watches and their main functionality and purpose. 


Dive Watches 

Dive watches are a go-to for many collectors due to their rugged designs and functionality. The most known dive watch is the iconic Rolex Submariner, and many watches follow that same aesthetic. However, there are dive watches that look unique and have their own design language. The dive watch is an excellent choice for those who want a wristwatch as a tool or work watch. With their usual high water resistance rating (minimum 100m) and the use of stainless steel or other tough metals, dive watches welcome all environments. The Mido Ocean Star 200 is a great place to start when looking for a dive watch. 


Chronograph Watches 

Chronographs are one of the most popular choices for a watch. Made famous by the Omega Speedmaster, this watch style is used primarily for timing or tracking average speed over a lap on a race track if a tachymeter scale is a feature (future article foreshadowing.) If you see a watch and notice two buttons on the side of the case with 2 or 3 smaller dials or sub-dials on the dial, then you’re looking at a chronograph. The Hamilton Intramatic is an excellent example of fantastic quality and design in a chronograph. 

Dress Watches 

A dress watch should be your go-to on your wrist for the nights of feeling suave, sophisticated, and spicing up your outfit. Dress watches keep the design simple; a 3-hand watch that tells the time, and that’s it. Dress watches are usually thin, subtle with a bit of flash and found with a mechanical or quartz movement; the choice is up to you. If we could make a recommendation, 36-39mm is the perfect size for a dress watch to look classy and elegant. If the watch is any larger, it may be difficult to fit under the sleeve of your shirt or jacket, so a smaller size will keep the watch easily accessible when needed. May we suggest the Longines Master Collection


Pilot Watches

Now, we know you probably don’t fly a plane (and if you do, that’s cool, and we’re slightly jealous,) but that doesn’t mean you can’t sport a watch with aviation inspiration! The modern pilot watch harkens back to the 1940s and 1950s, with designs found on the wrists of pilots and airmen. Watches in the pilot category that comes to our minds are the Bulova A-15 Pilot or the Hamilton Khaki Pilot Day Date Automatic. The most prominent feature of a pilot watch is the

legibility of the numerals. Since these watches were designed for pilots, visibility in all aspects when flying is a must, including a watch. We suggest checking out a pilot if you’re looking for a great design that’s easy to read in all lighting conditions. 


GMT Watches 

The GMT is one of the best choices for the world traveller. GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) is a complication that allows the watch to have an additional hour hand. Usually highlighted in a different colour, the GMT hand acts as an indicator for a second timezone if you travel to a foreign country. The GMT is also said to be one of the most romantic styles to own since you can set your home time and the local time to wherever you are. You’re exploring new places but have that reminder of home when you look at your wrist. GMT watches have been expensive in the past but are becoming more popular and inexpensive. For your next adventure, bring a Mido Ocean Star GMT


Field Watches

A field watch is similar to a dive watch, created for the outdoors and rugged terrain. Typically these watches have less water resistance and fewer features, but these military-inspired watches are just as tough and are a great companion for any outdoor adventure. While there are many options and price points for a field watch, we recommend checking out the Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical or Automatic. The Hamilton Khaki Field is a well-constructed field watch at a price that won’t break the bank and looks fantastic on the wrist. 


We hope this adds more knowledge to your watch-collecting journey! Thank you for taking the time to check out this post!